Validate Yourself

Never wait for someone else to love you, admire you, give you credit, approve of you and give you validation. Never wait for someone to tell you how beautiful you are, how gifted and talented you are, how amazing and unique you are. Never wait for anyone to validate your skin color, language, hair, identity and anything that represents your culture, beliefs and values. Never wait for a situation, a certification, an award, a reward, a title to make you feel validated. Validate yourself.

There was a time in my life I needed approval from people just so i could feel loved and accepted- so, i crashed my principles for them and they crashed my life. There was a time when i went out of my way to get things i never needed and couldn’t afford, but had to because i wanted to feel like i belonged to a group. There was a time when i got into relationships that weren’t healthy for me only because i needed approval from others who were in relationships. I have done a lot to get validation for things and from people, but it always ends futile- leaving me even more broken.

Never ever be who you are not and discomfort yourself, go against your principles and expose yourself to hazards and unnecessary danger because you want to be validated. It hurts sometimes to be alone and not feel accepted, but alone is better than being a rose in between thorns. Never ever seek validation from people because you are enough! I am black, bold, beautiful and happy that i’m part of my family, community and society. I’ve realized that for every time i sought after validation, my self confidence level went flat. Never let anything or anyone tamper with your self confidence, because it’s your key to self validation. Be happy for you. Be excited for you. Be proud of who you are. Today, and always, I validate myself and you should too. Validate Yourself!

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