To My Last Days In 2019

Even if I can’t afford a Christmas tree this year, I’ll cut down a tree that looks just like it and adorn it just the way i want. Even if i can’t afford a travel to all the places i wanted to see this year, I’ll atleast request a ride and drive round town enjoying the cold christmas breeze.. Even if i can’t achieve all the goals i set out to accomplish this year, i’ll still pop a bottle of wine to celebrate all my wins. Even if i can’t get as many pictures, likes, followers, new stuffs, new friends and all the things i wanted to get this year, I’ll still rejoice in the memories made.

In my last days in 2019, I want to spend more time with family and friends, love more, give more, smile more, interact more and accommodate more. I want to amend relationships lost out of distance, time differences and negligence. I want to let go of time wasters, people who don’t add value to my life and everyone with negative energy and vibes. I want to spend more time with happy, positive, optimistic, goal driven, exciting and remarkable people. I want to be a happy go lucky mama and love me more. I want to embrace myself, celebrate my wins, document my victories and congratulate me for a job well done.

Next year’s gon’ be so lit! uptight! fun! amazing! adventurous! packed! colorful! extravagant! and an even more interesting one. I’m prepared to sail through 2020 with so much enthusiasm, excitement and i’ve got all the encouragemnt i need from myself- because no one can motivate you more than you motivate yourself. I’ve made ready my themes for next year, i’ve listed out my goals, i’ve set myself in motion because my kit contains the maps, directories, materials, skills, contacts, and everything i’ll need to board and have a safe landing.

What’s your plan for the last days of 2019? What are you grateful for this year? What’s your 2020 gonna be like?

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