Sexuality Education

In my opinion, sexuality education should be incorporated into curriculums in school- just like sport. This is necessary to expose adolescents and teenagers to more knowledge on sexuality as a personal and a general tool for awareness, confidence and growth. Most children between the ages of 7-17 are constantly battling with their sexuality and publicly discard any form of indulgence with sex- which may include open discussions and teachings; for fear of being used as a descriptive example, for fear of asking questions that may be used against them, for fear of being regarded as one who wants to commit a sin or crime- and I really wonder when merely talking about sex was against the rules and regulations because I believe sex is a topic that can be discussed by anyone, same way soccer is discussed. While anything ‘sexual’ is publicly condemned, prohibited and highly criticized upon- especially by parents, teachers, societal norms, culture, religious beliefs and others; privately, adolescents and teenagers try exploring everything ‘sexual’ because in their comfort zones and secured places, they are not being questioned on why they’re acquiring knowledge on sexuality and exploring their sexuality. Here, they can freely and easily read up magazines, books, articles, surf the net, watch videos and much more without fear of criticism and condemnation.

Why is sexuality education for children such a ‘huge thing’ to talk about while sports, history, science and mathematics in all its ‘hugeness’ are easily dwelt upon? Those teaching sexuality find it difficult to be comfortable about teaching sex and those learning find it really discomforting to listen to and learn about sex in an open environment with other people their age. Is sexuality such a terrible or nasty thing or is it some mysterious thing that has been forbidden to be said or heard?

Growing up, I heard phrases such as: ‘don’t talk to a boy or you’ll get pregnant’, ‘don’t let a boy touch you even with his finger, so you won’t get pregnant’, ‘don’t sit beside a boy’, ‘don’t walk beside him’, ‘don’t let anyone touch your breasts’, ‘never let anyone see your panties’, ‘don’t do this and don’t do that’… I mean, the list went on and on in different situations, with different people and I couldn’t see a movie with a boy and girl holding hands or something. I had neighbors who had kids I wanted to play with, but I couldn’t because they were boys and even if I had to play with the girls, I could fall and the boys around would see my panties or talk to me or try to help me get up and I could get pregnant. So, I was locked away in my pain, tears, loneliness, boredom, but I couldn’t cry so I wouldn’t be asked why because I knew the implication of saying I wanted to go out and play. I shelled everything in.

Sexuality should be something to embrace and not be afraid of. It should be a door that opens up new friendships and creates room for exposure and growth rather than one which shuts the door against exposure and hinders growth. Let’s not forget that what you’re not knowledgeable about can tamper with your self confidence and totally knock you off. Children should be taught the truth about sexuality and guided in making the right sexual choices rather than prohibited from even mentioning the word. Sexuality can be discussed while cooking, baking, fixing puzzles and anytime, anywhere. Sexuality is something flexible and can be laughed about with jokes that are not sensitive and implicating. Teach sexuality and teach truth!

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