Give Yourself a Treat

You don’t need someone to take you out before you go on a date with yourself. You don’t need so much money and a holiday before you go on a vacation. You don’t need to be in a company of someone before celebrating or having a candle light dinner. You don’t need new outfits and a thousand followers or suggestions to take pictures. You can give yourself a treat with what you have, where you are, when you can.

Few weeks ago, I woke feeling really sad, alone, bored, tired and depression started crawling in. I had very little money on me and really felt like snapping out of the mood and giving myself a treat. Reluctantly, I showered, wore a simple dress and left the house with no idea of where to go, what to do and how. I decided to get to the salon first, get my nails done, style my hair and give myself a treat. I went to the park, got fruits and low fatty meat which was well dried and peppered, connected my phone to the speaker, played songs I loved, drank, ate, enjoyed the breeze, and laid on the neatly trimmed grass alone. I spent about 5 hours there simply relaxing, listening to songs, playing checkers on my phone, eating and keeping my cool. It was definitely a low cost unbudgeted treat I gave myself and the experience was worth it.

Another time, I started off on a similar bored and tired note, but changed the story two hours later. I got out of bed, threw some clothes on, took my debit card and got to the mall. I bought a pack of popcorn, pizza, a cup of ice cream and a pack of pineapple and coconut nectar juice and rushed home. I closed the curtains, connected the speaker and searched through for new movies. I saw 4 movies in 9 hours and slept off after that. That was also a low budget treat.

You can plan in advance to take a day or two off and give yourself the treat you deserve. This holiday, I’ve made plans to travel home, stay with friends and give myself a treat. How? I’ll get a new piercing done, probably get a tattoo finally, put on my earrings, get my waist chain on, put on my anklets, replace my nose ring, get my hair done, grab a beach wear, pack some snacks, request a ride and get to the beach. This is definitely going to be the best treat i’ll give myself this year. Next year, i’m making bigger plans with bigger goals. These treats cost lower than you can imagine. Take your time, make your plans and take a few hours out of the schedule to give yourself a treat.

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