Get Dirty Sometimes

We live in a world with so much rules, regulations, plans and frigidity that we sometimes- as individuals- forget to live. We have routines from home, school, work, food, travel, work out and bills to pay which leave us with self negligence. Sometimes, we need to make out time to dance in the rain, play in the sand, get our hands dirty, stain our skin and just live. Fun isn’t fun anymore because we force ourselves to have fun- of which if we really do have to force ourselves to have fun, we need to do something really fun, relaxing, soothing, and everything that connotes joy radiating and peace giving. Sometimes, I purposely take my shoes off and walk barefeet- just so my feet and ankles can breathe, relax and get dirty.

Sometimes, all you need isn’t Netflix, a concert, social media, parties, massage, a bathtub/shower episode, sleep, vacation, food, a credit alert, romance, sex, awards, none of that or more. Sometimes, all you need is getting dirty. Do some gardening, painting, sculpting, get wet in the rain, take off your shoes, roll in the sand and do things that’ll get you stained and dirty in a good way. Forget about the germs and sicknesses and diseases and just get dirty. It’s more relaxing and reviving than it sounds.

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