What Happened?

Something humiliatingly hilarious happened at work today. It’s something I’ve always wanted to write about, but didn’t know how. Today, I just got hold on the perfect words, perfect analogy, perfect picture, perfect description and all things most perfect in its entirety. It’s been two months now since I started working at this new job and i’m still not familiar or conversant with everyone because some do go on leave and some others have still not resumed and today, someone I have never met resumed. The security officials have been changed for over a month now and she’s never met them nor me- the front desk officer. She had issues with them and thought the front desk would bail her out, but unfortunately for her, I didn’t know who she was and she refused giving a second name or some form of identity to enable me do further investigations and help her out- until a colleague saved her life. I took lots of lessons from this singular experience and wanna share a few tips with you.

* Surprise visits don’t always go as planned all the time. Sometimes, you need to provide first hand information to make the people you’re going to see or visit aware of your coming and take measures to enhance your access and comfort with ease.

* Security officials and front desk officers are the gate keepers who can either grant you access or lock you out. Keep a polite attitude, give them something to identify you with, be patient and calm with them, don’t assume they know who you are or why you’re there. Don’t get agitated and worked up because you’re the CEO and your security officials do not know who you are. No proper introductions were made and it may be their first time seeing this particular car or face and it’s their duty to be security conscious. So, keep your personal feelings, attitude and title aside while you do the needful.

* For every second, minute, hour, day, weeks, months and years you disconnect from people and technology; you’re left out on something important- no matter how insignificant it seems. Don’t assume the world would stand still and wait for you or people would wait on you. Things change, life evolves, people move on and growth takes place. There’s either an increase or a decline and whichever it is, you need to be up to speed with it or you’ll completely fall out of line.

I remember a time when I visited my friend after about 6 months away. Yes, we kept the communication line open, but some bits and pieces were left out. I informed her I was in town and would visit that evening- of which she was so excited and expectant. I arrived at the house at about 4pm only to realize that they had moved out of the house to a new place in a new location. I went to the second place and the distance made me delay a while and an hour later, I was in the new house. Hoping I would be welcomed as usual. I knocked, the gate was opened by the same security guy I knew- which made it easier, but I never knew they got a dog. I only admire dogs from a distance and this was a new and unwelcomed development for me. I rushed into the house and had series of interrogation from the help who was clueless about my identity and mission. I could have been angry out of my tiredness and frustration, but when my friend finally showed up, the first thing I said was: “What happened?”. Well, a lot happened. Life happened, the world evolved, things changed, people moved on and the only thing I could do was keep calm and follow due process to pick up pieces of what I missed out from where I left off.

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