Passion Vs. Phobia

When I hear people say ‘swimming is fun… diving is a great adventure… fishing is so amazing… travelling by water is the best…’ and blah blah blah about water, I feel a bit down casted.- I can’t deny that. I am an aquaphobe and I really can’t stand or look into a large body of water without suffocating or already drowning from my standpoint- on land. It’s difficult even holding my breath for a minute in the shower and how much more in a swimming pool and yea, I can’t swim. I feel bad about it.

My phobia for water has limited me from having great swimming experiences and pool parties with friends and I do feel terrible about it. It’s hindered me from travelling by water, enjoying a great time in a bathtub- because I still feel like i’d drown in the bathtub. I know i’m not alone, but even if I haven’t found someone who shares similar thoughts with me on this one just yet, I know there are people out there who have phobia for water. My mum would say: ‘Water is only sweet in a glass’- where you can contain and control it, rather than have it control you.

Regardless, I’m so passionate about water. I love the color of the pool, the beach, the sea and each time I travel on a bus or in a plane, I love the sight before and below. It’s so amazingly colorfully peaceful. It is beautiful. I love the breeze that’s accompanied with the sound from the waves. I love the way the waves flow and tide. I love the feel of water on my legs and my hands. I love the way I feel when I roll in the wet beach sand and let the waters sweep through me. I love the view of the beach from a distance and have a long term goal of buying a house by the beach- so I can wake up to and sleep with the magnificent view that’s epically indescribable.

I have tons of beach pictures in my head and most times when I want to keep calm and stay joyful, I simply go on Pinterest, Instagram or Google and go through the pictures one at a time, see videos and smile.

My phobia for water can’t kill the passion I have for water. I am passionate about what I have phobia for…water!

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