I Don’t Have Exes; I Have Friends

A lot of people break friendships after a heart break in a relationship. It’s not meant to be this way- I think. True friends are meant to stick with each other in both good and bad times, when the ice is forming and when it’s melting… in all seasons no matter the time differences nor distance nor nothing. Sometimes, friendships between the opposite sex evolves into a relationship which may or may not last. After a break up, the relationship- no matter the form it was- dissolves the friendship too – which in my opinion is not meant to be this way no matter what.

I’ve had a great ton of assorted relationships with people- all types- which doesn’t necessarily involve a mutual understanding and consent for being boyfriends and girlfriends, lovers or some sort of commitment. Rather, it’s been relationships that involves friendships, intimacy, mutuality without commitments and that’s because the world and the people in it have evolved and abstained from committing themselves to situations, things and people that could get them emotionally connected, financially obliged or put them in title bearing positions which they naturally do not wanna make a fuss about, but enjoy while it lasts.

Some persons like me still crave for commitments and some persons too like me equally crave for openness, free spiritedness and a carefree relationship with no strings attached besides a few invisibly obvious ones only for partners discretion. Whichever side of the coin is your pick, don’t fret it- there’s someone who wants what you want and that’s not what this post is about. So, back to the business of the day.

This may sound a little bit absurd, but I don’t have exes; I have friends. Breakup in relationships should never lead to break up in friendships all the time. Do you still communicate with your ex? Even if once in an eclipsodial season? It’s best the friendship is preserved even if the relationship is broken. However, if it’s not your thing or you don’t feel comfortable with it, it’s totally fine. I still keep in touch with all my exes because we were friends before the other relationship ended.

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