In Your Own Company

Being alone doesn’t always mean depressed, lonely, isolated or every other negative word that comes with it. Sometimes, I really wanna be alone, all by myself, to myself, with myself and for myself. I could simply wanna grab a drink, see a move, soak myself in a bathtub, sit by the pool and toss my feet in the water- making splashes everywhere since I can’t swim, take a walk to enjoy nature, live in my thoughts, laugh over memories, disconnect from people and truly connect with me, eat whatever I want and however I want it- possibly in bed or on the floor, dance to the music echoing from the speakers, sing out loud with a song playing in the background, light up candles for myself and build sensations, take a walk in the beach, think about my goals and dreams, read, write, draw, knit, take pictures and simply do everything and anything I feel like doing.

You can always enjoy your own company by doing the things you love- which make you happy and peaceful. You can always create opportunities to be alone and enjoy your alone time without hearing someone’s voice in your head, perceiving their perfume or even seeing them.

Crave for moments when you can be alone with you because sometimes, you need to be your own company!

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