Sad Without a Reason

I smile a lot and most times, I can fake a smile and still make it spring genuinely from my heart to avoid lots of questions. For the people who are close to me, a minute without wearing a smile sends signals of chaos which is usually accompanied with lots of questions without answers. For one, I hate answering too many unnecessary questions. So, faking a genuine smile keeps me safe and shielded from the secret service around me.

Sometimes, I’m not sad because i’m single, hungry, broke, disappointed, down, tired or sick… Sometimes, I’m sad without a reason- maybe i simply woke up that way. I can’t say on the wrong side of the bed because i sleep in only one side of the bed and can’t roll over. Sometimes, people are just sad without reasons. It’s possible they just wanna have a solemn, scruffled, meditating, peaceful and alone time. Sometimes, people just need other people’s companies, but in silence- without so much talk and spontaneous actions. Sometimes, there’s no reason for being sad. It’s termed a ‘mood swing’, but maybe i just woke up that way!

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