Disconnecting From Work

Your mental health is importanter…

Working can be self absorbing and time consuming, so much that it can totally disconnect you gradually from yourself, friends, family, nature, trends and much more. I work as a front desk officer and daily, I need to keep the smile up, keep my voice in check, my dressing has to be appropriate and clients need to be treated accordingly with respect and passion. I answer, receive and reroute a lot of calls each day from within the country and abroad, inbound and outbound calls too. People are always calling in to make enquiries, make a suggestion, lay complaints, speak to someone and so much more. This notwithstanding, I have to attend to walk in clients, receive dispatch documents, letters and simply keep a positive energy all day because I am a bridge between the callers, walk in clients and the company.

Each day, week and month, I work for 8 hours on paper- and because I have to get to work early enough to avoid traffic, I need to be up early and leave the house early too. Going home, there’s always traffic too and i’d say that from the minute I leave the house, to the minute I return, I spend 13 hours thinking of work. I read a lot and sleep late most times for about 5-7 hours. I really get strained and stressed after work and all I wanna do then is lie on my bed, stretch, rollover and just lie on my back. I try to return calls, respond to messages and do all I can to take my mind off work. I see movies, read, go for a walk, listen to messages, make calls, hang out with a friend I met who has other friends who spend time after work disconnecting from work. This has really helped me because out of 24 hours, I can have 3 or 4 hours to simply do my thing and reflect more on me and the people around me. It does get really exhausting most times, but it’s best if you try to disconnect from work after work hours.

You’ll totally live!

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