When we destructively criticize people, we make them feel dejected.

Stop sending people to their early graves with your words and actions. For once, stop judging people and keep an open mind. Let people be!
If you really need to pass an information; you should know how to communicate with people in a polite way that will leave them with something positive they can build on or a solution. Not something that’ll leave them completely demoralized and off to their early graves- someone could be a walking corpse especially if their self image and self worth is tampered with.
How will you feel if you simply create a problem or add to an already existing problem and the result leads to suicide?Do you think about the things you say to people and how badly these things could affect them?

You tell people they’re untalented and have nothing to offer. You call people fat, slim, tall, short… and leave them feeling body-shamed. You criticize skin colors, voice, character and so much more destructively rather than helping them find solutions to it.
Stop birthing a problem by telling those in relationships and marriages that their spouses are cheating on them because of a ‘side chic’ or ‘boyfriend’! Stop telling people that they’ll never succeed in life! Stop abusing people! Stop discriminating!

Try to be empathetic when giving feedback by putting yourself in the next person’s shoes. Life is interesting because we have people of different sort. We have the dark, slim, tall, short, fat, big eyes, big nose, flat tummy, tiny lips, pot belly, bald head, antenna ear, scarred, albinos, flat ass, figure 8, drunk, foodie, etc. All these people make life interesting because life is variety. Life would be so boring if everyone was simply like you.

Last time I checked, no one is perfect. And to you who’s still criticizing others destructively without giving them something constructive to strategize a solution with, I’m sure there’s something you don’t like about yourself and you have threats, fears, and weaknesses too. If you don’t need someone as your friend, lover, spouse, staff anymore, don’t tell them it’s about all the things they never did right or because they were too fat, slim, this and that. Rather, tell them about it in the relationship and if it’s not corrected or worked on, you give them the reasons why. Not spilling it out on the last day while you bottled it up all the while.

If you can’t criticize people in a way that’ll provide a solution; stop bullying them! Stop abusing them! Stop hating on them! Stop complaining! Stop destabilizing them! Stop sending them to their early graves! Let people be!!!!💁🏽‍♀️

Life is beautiful with every unique piece that makes up the puzzle!

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