Heartbreaks – Blessings in Disguise

I really couldn’t believe it ended the way it did… unexpected and too sudden. Each of them made me feel really special, but the endings always left me in tears. I cried not because we parted ways nor because I was heart broken, but because I made great memories I never wanted to end and because I knew it was time to move on to someone and something else more challenging, but worth it.

At a time, I thought I would never get to be that vulnerable and so in love anymore, but someone else showed up. This last one left without a word and I realized that sometimes, people have to leave without pre-information on when, why and how; sometimes, people have to leave so you can learn lessons and move on; sometimes, people have to leave in order for you to take responsibility and think outside the box; sometimes, people have to leave so you can be free and live single again; sometimes, people have to leave so you can learn to love yourself and your company more; sometimes, people have to leave so you can make out time to take analysis and know what to improve on and let go; sometimes, people have to leave for reasons unknown and none at all.

Our blessings usually come as treasures in the dumpster. This makes it impossible to notice and reach out, but we risk everything to grab the treasures and clean up later. Other times, our blessings come after a major challenge, failure and heart break. A failed incident could be a lesson to survive a major damage in future. Sometimes, a heartbreak can be another open door and opportunity to leave, move on, grow and be successful. Don’t see heartbreaks as failure on your part, but as a ladder to help you climb up, reach out and see the world from a different and higher view. Heartbreaks are blessings in disguise. They leave you vulnerable and shielded at the same time; weak and strong, careful and careless, but there’s always a lesson to learn from every heart break. Heartbreak is a blessing in disguise. Don’t settle for the negative; embrace the positive side of it. Let your heart be broken because when it’s mended, there’s a creative art in it that beats the imagination and adds colors to your life and others you share your stories with.

You’ll end up with a bucketful of experiences, lessons and memories to help you and the next person.

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