Letters From God

Yes, God writes letters too… He wrote, has written, writes, is writing and will still be writing letters to all.

I came across a post that inspired me to write this- Waiting For Sticky Notes Series: The Year God Stopped Talking To Me. I know what it does feel like when God goes silent on you because He’s gone silent on me before and I assumed and concluded He backed off on me, cared less and might never ever say or do anything for me again. I was totally devastated and thought i’d lost it and lost Him and yea, suicidal thoughts did creep in a couple of times. I lost my peace, joy, glow and thought there was no need trying to figure out more about Him- which was more like a futile and endless journey. I was tired! Nothing made sense!

I decided to move on with my life until He was ready to call me, say something, send a message, anything. I watched the movie- Letters to God and thought to myself: “Good for you, God read your letters” and since I write my prayers and in form of letters in a journal, I did write some because I knew He could see, read and understand. I only longed for a response. I was tired of writing letters, speaking into the atmosphere, thinking about Him… I wanted to touch Him, hold Him, share a meal with Him, hear His voice, see His face… I needed something physical. Yea, I was blank, deep in thought, teary, sad, numb, I just needed God to show up for me somehow. My bank account was temporarily blocked, money wasn’t coming in or going out, the pressure from family, friends didn’t understand, social media weighed me down more, I hated Sunday and didn’t wanna hear the choir sing “God I love you, You love me blah blah blah…” and I wanted to leave. I just wanted to go away from everything- suicide wasn’t an option anymore after several failed attempts, my thanksgiving journal didn’t make sense, no one understood, nothing seemed to be in my favor- not even the sand beneath my feet, the bedsheets and pillows, the water, the air, electricity, food,… nothing!

Eventually, I travelled to Benin City, Edo State in Nigeria to visit a friend and explore the town- two days after Christmas. On the second day, I decided to say hi to God after a month and He spoke to me, reassuring me of how much He loved me despite the fact that I just kept doing my thing my way. He proved to me that He was always there with me and promised never to leave me no matter what, when or where.

I know I did wanna have all the answers at once, I wanted everything to work out just the way I wanted, but what was His plan and purpose for my life? What were the lessons I needed to learn each step of the way? He’s working on my patience level because I do get impatient most times and He always has a lesson or two for me.

God always speaks to us via different mediums. He could send a voice note, speak audibly, through a book, a movie, a chat, a friend, a stranger, nature, a picture, an idea, a song; but He does it how, when and where He needs to- you can’t control that. He wrote letters to us, He still speaks through those letters and He’ll keep speaking to us through those letters. The Bible contains God’s words to us and every account shared is a story He’s telling us with lessons to learn from and prophecies to tap into. He did send His word through the letters Paul wrote to the Church and individuals. What He gives to one, He gives to all. He’s given us water, land, air in abundance for all to share; He sent His beloved son to die for all and yes, His letters and His word is equally for all.

God sent a letter to you too. What did He say?

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