Come a Little Closer…

I really can’t wait to be awake each day and get to work before my supervisor comes in. This has been my motivation, drive and made each day -no matter how it turns out- a soothing one for me. This is not about having strings attached, but yeah, this one thing has definitely attached us with invisible strings. He may never know it until he comes across this post- if at all. He’s good looking- yes, handsome!- I can’t deny that; he’s a really nice person too, but ssshhuusshhh… he’s married!. Anytime he gets to work before me, I beat up myself so hard and wish i’d see him come a little closer…

The after effect of a handshake and a ‘hi’ from him is one that leaves an indescribably lasting memory I want to experience each day and take home to share. Sometimes, I never want to take my clothes off after work because I know i’d lose the sweetness that kept me going back and forth a whole day and lasted as long as I didn’t step into the shower. Gush!… it always does feel like heaven on earth each time he comes a little closer…

As intangible as it seems, it adds so much value to my life, my work and my world each day. No matter how much he pushes me to the wall ever, I can’t be mad because as long as he’ll come a little closer, I’m immunized from getting upset and so angry after all- because, there’s an invisible charm using its magic on me. Don’t misquote this; whenever he’s upset and vents on me, I do get really sad and my blood pressure rises; but because he’s close, I get mixed feelings and the former outweighs the latter and lingers- his aura overpowers what steams up in me and keeps me warm.

Sometimes, my thoughts go modestly wild and I get to wonder what I would do if I were to be married to him- don’t judge me just yet. If I were to do his laundry, what would it feel like? If I were to sit beside him, sleep beside him, wake up to see him, start everyday of my life and end it with him… It’s nothing like the fairy tales, but this my dear is my fairy tale and he’s Prince charming in obviously different shades of amazing ways with one overwhelming some. I wish… oh I wish for a moment…I wish…

If only he knew, maybe he’d spend more time and come a little closer every time. If only he knew, maybe he’d not bother getting angry at me and venting because it won’t hurt me that much. If only he knew, maybe he’d let me lose myself and close my eyes while I inhale everything that’s left of it. His presence influences my entire day and I wonder what it would be like if he never showed up at work for a day, week, month, year… His presence lingers even when I get home and his perfume does work magic when he comes a little closer… or, maybe it’s just him and not the perfume.

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