As I Turn 24…

At 23, I can proudly say I’ve achieved quite a number of things I always wanted to. To celebrate my 24th year eve, I’ll take myself out, buy me a bottle of wine, drink in the evening breeze and make a toast to a new year full of goals to achieve and success stories to attain, new fun places to go and friends to meet, a year to hopefully fall in love and go on vacations, face my fears and own a property, start a business and write a book, empower others and love myself more…

As my 24th birthday keeps loading, I want to enjoy my best days at 23, achieve goals, face fears and just do me. I lived 22 years of my life with goals, plans, rules, discipline and yea, fun sometimes, but work. At 23, I’ve discovered purpose, learnt new skills, gotten a job, started executing plans for my masters degree, grown a network, started writing a book, developed a business idea, been to a few places, fallen in love, made hiking a Saturday ritual and just been myself. In 2019, I can jump up with joy and say I had a fulfilled year. Now, what’s the plan for 2020?

In 2019, I had two themes for the year- ‘Chasing Passion’ for the first half and ‘Building Capacity’ for the second half. In the first phase, I was simply doing everything I was passionate about, from writing articles, to poetry, writing screenplays, creating social media content, building a social media profile, making new friends, going places, visiting people, volunteering, attending events, hosting friends, anchoring events, learning new skills and just doing everything I was passionate about. Additionally, the second phase of 2019 got me building capacity in all areas that was relevant to me. I was able to discover my purpose, build on my strengths while working on my weaknesses, I developed myself, acquired new skills, sold myself, and just built capacity in every area of my life I deemed necessary- with special emphasis on my career.

In June 2020, I will be a year older and clock 24. I’ll look back at my goals at 23 and feel proud of myself for achieving feats. Every new age comes with new responsibilities, new goals, new dreams and so much more to stay enthusiastic about, hopeful for and committed to. From June 2020 to June 2021, I have a couple of goals I’ll love to achieve. I’m writing this vision down because I want to run with it and look back at this journal as a guide for every race and pace. So, what’s the plan for my life at 24?

Goals may be set annually, quarterly, monthly, weekly, daily, but in all, I have a couple of things I need to achieve at 24. I need to get a masters degree, own a property, speak three foreign languages, travel more, be debt free, learn to swim, travel alone, fall in love, publish a book, start a business, have an emergency fund and a fixed deposit, build an advocate network, read 10 books, grow my social media followers, take more pictures, go out more, invest so much in myself… “The more you invest in yourself, the more your value will increase.”

Here’s my bucket list before I turn 24: Have lots of nights outs to smoke, drink, dance in public and let it all out… Go on a car race… Visit 30 States in Nigeria… Travel to my 4th African country… Spend a weekend with a guy I just met… Do a nude shoot… Get my stories ready for MTF… Go to a club and a strip club… Hike in the mountains… Learn how to swim… Start up my YouTube channel… If I remember more, I’ll add. So, what’s on your bucket list?

Make the most of each year… Live Memorably!

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