Creating Something Out of Nothing

Creation ex-nihilo…

In the beginning, the earth was empty- without form, void, humans, animals, technology, nature, nothing… It’s pretty amazing how we’re earthlings in an earth that was once empty. Every living and non-living thing in the world today was created out of nothing. Every imagination and situation formed an idea that was birthed, incubated, nurtured and shared. Today, we live in a world that is full of millions of somethings that were all birthed out of nothing.

Have you ever held an empty sheet of paper and suddenly started sketching, drawing, painting, calculating or writing? Probably you moved into an empty house and stood in the void imagining the different interiors that would possibly give your new home a unique and comforting look. That was you creating something out of nothing. Everybody is creative in their own unique ways and never doubt the power of creativity within you. Someday, you’ll realize how the little ideas you had made a game changer out of you.

Believe in yourself and never hesitate to write out every thought that comes to mind no matter how intangible and meaningless it seems at that moment- those ideas will make you a producer someday. Pay attention to details because the tiny things do matter.

Today, create something out of nothing…

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