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Cocoa Series

Cocoa Series is a platform which shares inspiring lifestyle stories, tips, lifehacks and truths on different lifestyle topics to educate, entertain and help people live their best lives, while inspiring others to do same in the process.

The series is centered on personal and relatable topics in health, career, lifestyle, passion, self-development and so much more.

Latest Posts

Wrap-Up September

Not to sound too clichĂ©, but last month was a September to Remember. I went from climaxed highs to in-depth lows. I made new friends and let some go. I reconnected with friends and family, learned a thing or two, created and killed, and in all ways, I was tried, but I trusted and thoughContinue reading “Wrap-Up September”

I Woke Up Different

Today, I woke up different. Had an altercation with God and did have a little chit chat asking Him to help me and save me from everything going on around me and within me- because I don’t know anymore. Yes, I’m depressed. I lamented over my dishevelled hair, tried to comb out the wig, butContinue reading “I Woke Up Different”


Yes, I find you sexy – there’s no denying that. Yes, you confuse me and leave me feeling blushed up with no red cheeks. No, it’s no exaggeration that I bite my lips a lot each time I think about you. No, it’s not a bad thing for me to feel all sensitive and ticklishContinue reading “Mood”

Tadaa!!! Welcome to the Tribe!!!
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