Don’t Objectify Me!

On my way to work this morning, I witnessed an incident which brought back memories and inspired this post. Here’s the gist… I take a taxi to work everyday and due to the pandemic, taxi drivers were cautioned to take 3 passengers in the back seat and one in front. Now, there was a lady in the front seat, another on my left- in the back seat, me in the middle and a young man to my right. We barely even drove away when the driver stopped over to pick up a fourth person- which would make it four people behind and against the rules. The lady in the front seat asked subtly out of concern: “Oga, how many people are you carrying behind?” and he responded aggressively: “Wetin be your business? Ashawo!”. Now, the problem escalated. 

The second lady beside me reprimanded him and he flared up calling all of us prostitutes and shouted at us to come down from his taxi because well, we all couldn’t stand him disobeying the Covid rules and also verbally abusing us so early in the morning. The guy in the taxi was so furious at the driver and the abusive man drove off empty without any passengers- his day is already cursed as it stands. This incident didn’t just further describe how much women have been objectified, -which is very dehumanizing and demoralizing, but it confirms the level of insanity in the society we find ourselves. 

Personally, I think it’s really pathetic to see people- regardless of gender, judge others based on nothing. You don’t know their history, background, nothing and you just blurt out abusive words at people. I do know that deranged people are strategically put out there to destroy other people’s days and tarnish images for no reason, but it also reflects the level of stupidity we have to deal with. To think that a man who sees a fully covered woman and tags her a prostitute is normalcy is totally unbecoming. As sensitive as this may be to some, please note that there are more insensitive people out there who simply take these things for granted. 

Few years ago, I had a doctor friend who wanted a relationship which I declined because he simply objectified me. He saw me as this priceless possession he needed to cage, toss when and how he wanted and I just wasn’t in for that and will never be. I am a grown woman who knows what she wants and doesn’t. You can’t tell me what to do, when and how to do it- especially if I have to be enslaved to you. No! You can not also want me all to yourself because I am in your life- No! Thing is, I have a voice and I know when and how to use it. You can’t treat me like an object and curse me like trash because well, some religion and archaic school of thought resounded how women are nothing, but pencils in the hands of men (Paraphrased). I am not an object and no, not even a sexual object. So, don’t objectify me! 

January Scammed Us!

Yes, January tricked us into believing 2021 would be so fast and smooth, but that was definitely a ponzi scheme without money and investments involved. Damn! I was so excited that January with all it’s troubles had come and gone and well, I hoped for the best in February- even if I knew it wouldn’t be all rosy, but my dear, February shock me pass you. Wait! Did you just ask ‘how?’???

It’s only the 11th day in the month and it feels like 5 weeks already because it’s so f***ing slow, unstable and stressful. There’s too much work to be done, too much to be achieved, too much to deal with and trying to stay sane is already stressful. This week alone, i’ve had to battle with too much challenges from all round and everyday, I feel there’s just something new about to drop. So, my anxiety and panic bank is already used up for the month…there’s just too many surprises that I hope passes away tomorrow, cause i’m definitely going to have a long shower after work tomorrow to wash off all the toxins for the month and soak myself in the blood of Jesus while at it because honestly, Jesus has to take this wheel. 

Can I go back to January please?I already need a break from all the hassles that come in bangs minimum- twice daily.P.S: If you have a special recipe that’s helping you glide through February, kindly share as I know i’m definitely not the only one on the edge right now. Take care!

Hey Ice-cream…

It’s not our friendship anniversary and neither is it your birthday, but today, I choose to flaunt and show you off in my little way. Okay, lemme go straight to the point and ask: ‘Will you be my boyfriend?’ – well, because you’re the only girlfriend who always acts like the man in my life. Yes, you spoil me silly with your meals, hugs, kisses, cuddles, warmth and trouble. *winks* Don’t worry, I won’t take our business outside after today. 

Each day, i’m grateful to God that I have you in my life and I am happy I found you. I’m happy we fought our way from enemies through strangers to friends and today we have something beyond friendship. They usually don’t understand why it’s easier with you all the time and now, that’s because I don’t have to be the responsible one when i’m with you. You give me room to be me, to be goofy, be a baby, be female, be a friend, sister, mother, be vulnerable, be in my weakest and strongest without having to think about judgement day. 

I’m far away in some strange man’s land and all I wish for everyday is that i’d wake up to your warm, soft and fluffy body cuddling me up, your hugs, snowy kisses and come home after work to you asking me how my day went- while we make dinner together, eat, drink, smoke, laugh at humans, see movies, shower together and gist in between, but if wishes were horses…

You know yeah, because we’re homebuddies, I wish above all things you’d be my Val and we’d spend the entire day doing what lovers do in a space where we can be ourselves all by ourselves and for ourselves. I know we fight a lot, but it only brings us closer each time. It’s been more than 4 years of friendship and i’m happy you’re in my corner. I miss you so much and I care about you deeply and will always pray for you and play with you. I want to pour out my heart so much in this post buh you already know the details… Love🖤, Cheese ball…🤗

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